BMW Genuine Rear Bike Rack
BMW Genuine Rear Bike Rack


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The foldable Compact rear bike rack is light but sturdy and can carry up to 60 kg. Featuring a ball head system with single-hand operation, the rear bike rack can be quickly and securely attached to the ball head, where it can accommodate two bicycles or e-bikes with a maximum wheelbase of 130 cm. When combined with the corresponding retrofit kit, the folded bike rack can be stored in the luggage compartment tray, safe from spray and protected in the event of a collision. Fitted with detachable support arms and a simple quick-action locking system for holding the support brackets in position, it is very convenient to use. To ensure unhindered access to the luggage compartment, the rear bike rack also features a tilt function.


Contents Overview:

  • 1 Compact rear bike rack.

  • Installation information.

Additional Information:

  • Loosely-fitted bicycle components (e.g. battery pack, panniers, baskets, child seats, etc.) must be removed before setting off.

    • Before fitting the carrier on the trailer tow hitch, the relevant cleaning materials must first be used to ensure that the ball and the clamp system are free from oil and grease.

    • Unless the components for storing the bicycle carrier in the luggage compartment well are fitted, crashsecure

    • transport of the rear bicycle carrier cannot be guaranteed! Moreover, where the bicycle carrier is stored in the luggage compartment well, care must be taken to ensure that the lashing strap is guided through all of the fastening points provided and tightened so there is no slack, as detailed in the installation instructions

    Technical Information:

    • It has a high load-carrying capacity (2 x 30 kg bicycle weight).

    • The wide base frame allows bicycles with an axle distance of up to 130 cm to be transported.

    Technical Data:

    • Rear bicycle carrier dimensions (L x W x H):

    • Folded approx. 600 x 830 x 180 mm.

    • Ready for loading approx. 600 x 1200 x 650 mm.

    • Weight of bicycle carrier: approx. 12 kg.

    • Wheel rail distance: 220 mm.

    • Bicycle length (with central alignment): up to 1300 axle distance (front axle to rear axle on bicycle).

    • Ball head clamping-system.


    Please note: Vehicle MUST have either a rear tow ball or rear luggage prep for correct fitment.


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