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BMW Motorrad battery charger - High-quality, microprocessor-controlled charger and float charger for 12V motorcycle batteries.

Suitable for: Ordinary lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free lead-acid batteries (gel or AGM), with capacities between 6 and 25 Ah.

Also for motorcycles with CAN bus technology.

Charging via the motorcycle's on-board socket or alternatively with the enclosed adapter cable connected directly to the battery terminals of the motorcycle battery.

Fully automatic, by application of the charge characteristics stored in the microprocessor's memory.

The device can remain connected to the vehicle or to the battery for a lengthy period of time. Charging cycles are run, the battery is monitored and recharged as necessary.

Updates of the new Motorrad Plus Battery Charger: 

  • A point worthy of particular note is that the new BMW Motorrad Plus battery charger can be used to charge and float-charge genuine BMW Motorrad lithium-ion starter batteries.
  • With the new BMW Motorrad Plus battery charger the customer can keep all genuine BMW Motorrad batteries in a perfect state of charge and is therefore ready for the future.
  • Suitable for all motorcycle batteries from BMW Motorrad
  • Microprocessor-controlled charging and float charging
  • Easy charging via on-board socket on the motorcycle or by adapter cable
  • Proof against short circuit, polarity reversal and overload.
  • Sturdy plastic housing.
  • Paint-text output in the display: readings for battery charge status and activities in the charger.
  • Choice of 6 display languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. Touchpad controls for changing settings.
  • Supplied complete with adapter cable for direct connection to battery.
  • UK: 230 V / 50 Hz, power cord, UK 3-pin plug
  • Charge voltage: 12 V - Maximum charge current: 2.5 A - Charge termination voltage: 14.4 V.


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